Naet is wedded to the betterment of society by empowering youth with vacational education. This we do through the network of educational institutes distributed throughout Nation. The addrords of likeminded people who strive to improve workforce productivity , socioeconomic development and social harmony through quality education , training and research to improve the lot of the common person , borne fruit in september 2015 . Naet is attemps to address the breach between education system , curriculum , employability and low self esteem of the students . We focus in the domain of basic vocational skill development of academically poor students of our society . The endeavor therefore , is to evolve our oganization in a manner to provide a common platform of all education sector people to interact with each other in order to meet the aim and goals of our organization.

The idea of bringing together all the educational trust and societies on a common platform emerged from the deliberations of a conference of general meetings for social services at Ahmedabad. With the view of promoting educational activities, especially by way of sharing information and cooperation in the field of vacational education , culture , sports and allied areas.The National Association for educational trust is registered under trust and society act 1950 & 1860 Government of india.It assumed its present name : The national association for educational trusts. The membership include schools , educational institute , technical institute , skill develoment institute , institute of national importance and professinal institute.


  • To serve as an inter educational organisation.
  • To act as a bureau of information and facilitate conmunication.
  • Co-ordination and mutual consultation amongst all registered educational institute and organisation.
  • To act as a liaison between the educational organisation and the Government ( Central as well as tge state Governments ) an cooperate with other educational bodies in matter of common interest.
  • To act as the representative education association of india.
  • To promote or to undertake such programmes as would help to improve standards of instruction, examination, research , text books , scholarly publication , library organisation and such other programmes as may contribute to the growth and propagation of knowledge.
  • To facilitate exchange of members of the teaching and research staff.
  • To assist educational organisation in obtaining recognization for their degrees , diplomas and examinations from other universities , educational bodies india as well as foreign.
  • To undertake organise and facilitate conferences , seminars , workshops , Lectures and research in higher learning.
  • To establishment and maintain a sports organisation for promoting sports among member organisation.
  • To estabilish and maintain organisation dealing with youth welfare , student services , cultural programmes , adult education and such other activities as are conducive to the betterment and welfare of students or teachers and other connected with educational organisation.
  • To act as a service agency to educational organisation in whatever manner it may be required or prescribed.
  • To undertake , facilitate and provide for the publication of newsletter , research paper , books and journals.